Fuck Government Token

Fuck Governments Token

We want freedom, true freedom.


We want to create an anti-government coin. The goal is to create a currency that governments do not control. The name of the cash is Fuck Governments Token or FGT. The goal is to show people that we can exist without government restrictions and their help or control. We want freedom, true freedom.


The goal is to free people from government lies and control We want to create something unique that is free from government control. We want to let people create a unique and good community separate from government control. We want true freedom. We want to allow people to change their lives and escape government control.

We created a unique cryptocurrency that is stable and not controlled, so please don’t be surprised when you can only buy a small amount at a time. It is because we don’t want anyone to own this coin. So you can buy it anytime on pancakes swap.

We hope you will join our community and grow together as free people.


  • Reach 100 holders
  • Reach 1000 members of the community
  • Reach 10 dollars
  • Reach 1000 holders
  • Reach 10000 members of the community








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